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A clean and professional-looking website is essential to run your online business. At JSK Technolab, we offer a range of solutions for website and application development in any niche. We think that technology is the best resource for web developers. That is why we strive to make a combination of the most popular web development technologies.

Our goal is to provide you with a custom solution for your business. Our professionals know the way of using the best features of web development frameworks.

We build CMS, business applications, web portals, mobile apps, and other online platforms. You can now have a look at some of the technologies that we use for web development.

  • Custom Web Development
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Third-Party Integrations (CRM and more)
  • WorkFlow Management
  • Enterprise Web Development
  • E-Commerce, B2B & B2C
  • Any custom business application
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At JSK Technolab, we provide full-suite HTML5 solutions for businesses of any niche. While using HTML5 tools, we combine other frameworks, including Ember JS and Angular JS. to make our application compatible with any device and Operating System. Our HTML5 services include

  • HTML5 website and application development- Let us build dynamic websites with HTML5. We develop secure and feature-packed applications with this technology
  • Conversion from Flash to HTML5- While you have Flash-based application, we can convert its content to HTML5
  • HTML5 maintenance- Make your HTML5 website free of errors

Hire our HTML5 developers to get these services.


CSS3 is one of the powerful languages used for developing web pages. It comprises several modules, and each of the modules has new capabilities. As the latest CSS standard, CSS3 is useful to share style sheets and maintain websites easily.

Why do we choose CSS3?

  • CSS3 is the best tool defining HTML codes
  • Helps in the dynamic web page design
  • Has resources to create new themes, styles, and designs
  • CSS3 helps in controlling page structures easily

You can rely on our app developers to get the best CSS3 development services. We will build technology-driven mobile apps for your business.


Bootstrap is an open-source network useful for creating developing application tools and websites. It presents us with JS, HTML, and CSS library and 2000+ plugins. You can hire us for high-quality, reliable Bootstrap development services. Our certified Boostrap developers can build interactive components and provide you several other solutions-

  • Responsive theme implementation
  • Bootstrap customisation
  • Bootstrap upgrade
  • Bootstrap application development

We are a team of seasoned developers with high proficiency in developing unique Bootstrap applications.


jQuery one of the multi-browser JavaScript libraries to simplify the HTML scripting process. As we use jQuery, we can build web platforms quickly to save time. This SEO-friendly technology has plugins to show media files, and it embeds them directly. With jQuery UI, we create stunning websites for our clients. Our jQuery development services include

  • Application maintenance
  • Slide show and widget development
  • Scripting
  • Plugin development
  • Website performance optimisation
  • Application implementation
  • Web development

Our devoted and creative jQuery developers provide you with outstanding results on a range of platforms.

Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET is an intuitive and user-friendly programming model with a potential API. We have chosen it to create enterprise-grade applications that increase the productivity of your business. Our developers provide you with Microsoft .NET development services. Our professionals prefer Microsoft .NET for several reasons

  • Crash recovery capabilities and better memory management
  • Easy to share codes
  • Simplified deployment of the application
  • Easy to integrate third-party web services and APIs

Thus, you can hire our Microsoft .NET developers to build new sites and tune up your application performance.

Microsoft Azure

Windows Azure, also known as Microsoft Azure, is one of the cloud computing platforms that enables your organisations to integrate on-premises web applications. It manages big data queries and simplifies large-scale cloud computing processes. At JSK Technolab, we offer Azure development solutions in a safe cloud environment. Moreover, we combine SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS models while offering Azure services.

Benefits of using Azure for application development

  • Faster development and deployment
  • Integrated application development environment
  • Maintenance of privacy and security in the cloud environment